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Three business opportunities in toy market

Issuing time:2010-04-15 11:37

Under the current family structure, the proportion of children's consumption expenditure in the total family expenditure is increasing. Toys have become a new profit generating point in children's consumer market. Toys are no longer children's exclusive products, more and more young people join the toy buying army. Three business opportunities of children's toy market can be deeply explored.

The consumer groups of children's toys market are expanding continuously

Cute plush toys, charming animation toys, cool remote control racing car Nowadays, these lovely toys are not only loved by children, but also fascinated by adults. The consumer groups of toys in China are expanding.

Children's toys market has potential, and the three major business opportunities for children's toys can be deeply explored.

So and so said that although his son is only 5 years old, but the room has bought a pile of toys. The family not only bought him a toy every month, but also bought two boxes to store the toys. In addition, she is also a loyal toy lover, keen to buy cute dolls.

27 year old so and so is a genuine animation fan, home bookcase placed a pile of Naruto, Conan, Luffy and other animation character toys. Although it cost a lot of money to buy toys, he thinks it is worth buying for the sake of interest.

Three business opportunities in children's toy market can be explored in depth:

1、 Theme toy store

The main consumer groups of theme toy stores are animation, film and swimming enthusiasts. These theme toys have a wide range of themes, exquisite modeling, creative fashion, and are closely related to some popular animation, movies and games, which well meet the needs of enthusiasts for virtual world materialization.

Industry insiders pointed out that theme toy market contains emotion and culture, which can well attract fixed fans such as animation, film and game, and turn them into fixed consumers. With the depth of the animation market mining, this market will gradually expand.

2、 Toy DIY store

Toy DIY stores satisfy their creative desire and personalized needs by allowing consumers to decide materials, processing materials and making samples independently.

On the one hand, toy DIY stores can meet the needs of parent-child interaction and children's intellectual development, and attract families with infants and young children. On the other hand, it can also meet the needs of consumers for independent creation and attract young people who like DIY.

3、 Toy rental shop

Toys are important partners for children's growth, and some families with conditions will buy toys for their children. However, with the growth of children's age and the characteristics of children's liking the new and hating the old, many expensive toys may be abandoned after a period of time. It's a pity that toys take up space and throw them away, which has become a big headache for families. In view of this situation, toy rental shops came into being.

Industry insiders believe that toy rental stores are mainly aimed at infants and young children. Therefore, in addition to paying attention to the updating of products and keeping consumers fresh, they should also pay attention to the safety and hygiene of toys and do a good job in regular disinfection and maintenance.

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