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How to ODM your own diecast car

Issuing time:2019-10-18 20:00

1、 Provide samples

If you need custom-made alloy toys, first of all, you need to provide customized alloy toy pictures or design drafts (real samples can be directly provided if there are real samples), and indicate the specifications, size, material requirements, accessories, quantity of goods made, etc. For our reference, the alloy toy picture or design draft should be able to provide the detailed drawing of all kinds of directions.

2、 Quotation

According to the information provided by you, our quotation engineer will preliminarily calculate the price of the product (in the case of no sample, all prices are estimated).

3、 Start proofing

After negotiation and confirmation with you, start to apply for proofing. The proofing fee is determined according to the complexity of customized alloy toys, which can be returned after the customer confirms the order and starts to make; if the product is confirmed to have no order, it will not be returned; the sample can be modified three times free of charge, and the proofing cycle is normally 5-77 working days.

4、 Production and delivery

We will send the final sample to you. The factory of conventional products starts production after receiving 30% deposit of the total payment, and the balance is collected according to Incoterms

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