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The choice of flash toys for children with poor eyesight should be cautious

Issuing time:2017-06-29 13:44

Today's toys not only have unique functions, but also can emit colorful light, which makes many children feel strange and interesting. Ophthalmologists believe that children should play with flash toys appropriately to avoid damage to children's vision caused by strong light.

"Now this toy is so advanced. It's so beautiful. When I was young, I didn't have such toys. I could play with a soldier model for a long time Mr. Gao, who lives on the Cultural Road in Shizhong District, has just returned home from the toy store. Seeing that the toy he has just bought is so interesting, he sends out such a feeling. It will be his son's birthday soon. Mr. Gao bought some toys to give him as gifts. "I heard that although many toys are fun now, they are not good for children's development. I don't know whether these toys I bought are qualified or not." Mr. Gao expressed his worries.

On the morning of the 9th, the reporter came to a small supermarket on the cultural road of Shizhong District. In the toy area, reporters found a variety of toys. Among them, there are not a few toys with flash function. "Now the better selling are early childhood education machines and educational toys. You can see this kind of early childhood education machine. When you press the button, you can automatically play children's songs. At the same time, there are lights flashing. Many children like this function." Supermarket staff said that children are full of curiosity about cool new things, and children's toys are designed and manufactured according to the characteristics of children. "Flash function can successfully attract children's attention and let them find happiness from it. As for the damage to the eyes, it's impossible. You can look directly at the light and see what it feels like According to the staff, the reporter looked directly at the light of the early education machine. At first, I didn't feel anything, but after a few minutes, I felt a phantom in my eyes and felt uncomfortable.

In the investigation, the reporter found that the proportion of flash toys in children's toys is large, and more than 50% of children's toys have flash function. In these flash toys, some toys have no factory date, only simple packaging, some even have no outer packaging.

"Now children have so many toys that they don't know what to choose." Then the reporter came to the toy area of a supermarket on Junshan road in Shizhong District, where she met Ms. Li who came to buy toys. Ms. Li said that her son especially likes the kind of robot model with flash. She has bought many kinds of models at home, but he still wants them. As for the impact of flash on children's eyes, Ms. Li said she did not pay too much attention to it. "Although this kind of light flickers ceaselessly, it is not like the strong light of a flashlight. It should have no effect on children." Ms. Li said.

Different from adults, children's visual system is in the developmental stage and is very sensitive to external influences. The younger the child is, the greater the damage will be.

"About 6-year-old children's vision development will be relatively complete, 3-4-year-old is the sensitive period of vision development, children at this stage must use less eyes, do not read too much, watch mobile phones, see flash things, and also less 3D movies. Therefore, it is not suitable to use flash toys for a long time, especially in the dark environment, which will cause dazzling feeling, which can easily lead to visual fatigue of infants, and even damage the fundus, cornea and crystals. Especially, some poor quality flash toys are more likely to cause irreversible damage to infants' visual acuity. " Said Dr. Gao.

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