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Development trend of toys

Issuing time:2015-02-07 12:06

What is the next wave of toys in Sina On a website dedicated to children's vertical Q & A, some people put up such questions. "In the so and so I recently bought, the integration of the real dimension and the digital world is more and more in place. Today, the story prototypes or game cards that are interesting in reality are equally important in the virtual world. " An Internet developer and marketer replied. "So and so" is adapted from the best-selling children's game social network "so and so monster", which is the top selling children's magazine in the UK.

On the other hand, traditional children's toys are still flourishing. Last week, a reporter from XX daily saw several German niche craft (toy) brands at the "German handmade design art exhibition", displaying exquisite figure dolls, bendable cloth dolls, doll scene music boxes, etc. "but to be honest, it's more suitable for big friends to buy and collect.". Instead, the low-key wooden components in the corner attracted a lot of attention. "Natural and durable, the texture of log also makes people feel close, not so much shackles, can really play for children." One audience member said.

No matter Lego building blocks, Barbie dolls, or smart toys that have been popular for many years, all toy manufacturers are emphasizing the cultivation of children's hands-on ability and imagination. They add bricks and mortar to toys, design open play, emphasize the fun of DIY, and create more attraction, hoping to cope with the competition of tablet computers, smart phones and TV.

At this year's North American toy fair, the open ending has become a popular theme. For example, "wise Alec" was carefully designed by a school teacher. In this desktop game, from teenagers to preschool children, you can find personalized playing methods. Learning aid toys such as Create-A-Maze have also been developed in single person and multiplayer modes. There is no limit on how to play such toys or games. Children can explore suitable playing methods according to their abilities and interests, so as to improve their creativity, strategy application and problem-solving ability.

Durable and flexible building block toys are also a major theme of this year's resurgence. Brackitz, which is popular at this exhibition, is a blocker toy. Lego, the originator of pixel building blocks, recently held an exhibition of "the art of building blocks" in Paris with American artist Nathan Sawaya. More than 1 million pieces of Lego blocks were created into 100 sculptures and portraits to commemorate the coming children's day.

"The great thing about Lego is that it's an all terrain toy," the artist recalls, referring to the dexterity and ease of play of the building blocks. In Africa, I've met some aboriginal people who have never played Lego, and they haven't even heard of it. But what's amazing is that when I try to take out some building blocks, they immediately have no teachers and put them together. I think this is a good medium. It makes art accessible. "

It is not only the way toys are played, but also the way they are sold. Toy rental e-commerce pley encourages users to upload their own LEGO designs, and pley's users will vote. More than 5000 works voted for will be launched in pley as a new LEGO toy package, which generally takes only two weeks to review. Users pay $10 to $300 a month to rent them for free, and someone will come to pick them up when they are due.

From experience, successful toys tend to have rich levels and help children grow and learn new skills. However, experts from a certain university have come to a conclusion by studying 6000 different toy characters: in recent years, children's toys have become very close to life, especially in the negative aspects of life. Such toys will not have a good impact on children's personal quality and mental health development.

As early as 2012, the second year after Apple launched the iPad, the popular gift for children has changed: no longer a doll or puzzle, but a tablet computer. This change is worrying public opinion. On the one hand, the development of the Internet has broken through many bottlenecks of traditional toys and brought more imaginative designs. A new Barbie connected to WiFi can not only have two-way conversations with children, but also store 10000 phrases. On the other hand, too fast into high-tech childhood, for young children who need multi-stage learning, there are many hidden dangers.

As a result, some people put forward the voice of "embracing the process of growth" and "learning to create fun by oneself". Some toy companies encourage preschool children to start with simple chemical experiments; professional skateboarders and robot toy companies have launched a series of physical circuit skateboards inspired by snowboarding; and for girls, a cookie oven from girlscout allows them to turn over patterns to make cookies.


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